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data driven workflow for strategic initiatives

Foster effective strategic initiatives to unleash employee-driven solutions

PACT uniquely empowers work groups with predictive data, think-tank structure, and dedicated space.

Work stress is a civilization-level crisis

impacting the health of most adults.

People are leaving their jobs...


of workers plan to leave their job in the next 12 months
...because they're poorly supported...


reason people are changing jobs is to find a better environment
...and benefits are passive.


of HR leaders complain about the lack of utilization of employee well-being benefits

Employee Resource Groups are the most effective means

of equitably changing conditions behind work stress.

Part focus group, part think tank: ERGs proactively address workplace problems by uncovering the needs and suggesting improvements.

Here's how to foster ERGs to unleash their potential as HR's culture ambassadors and change agents:

Invest for success

ERGs need budget, dedicated time, and a commitment from leadership to act on ERG proposed solutions. This is a recipe for profound culture change.

Create structure for efficiency

ERGs need workflow guidance, otherwise the group becomes nothing more than event planners. With the right structure, ERGs become the special ops of culture ops.

Provide a safe space to communicate

ERGs confront sensitive issues, sometimes super delicate political issues. Never ask them to use corporate systems where they'll fear eavesdropping and retribution.

Encourage a data-driven approach

If the ERG is to be more than a token DEI initiative, then make sure the ERG presents data-driven proposals to help them build credibility and influence.

PACT combines the power of data with employee-led communities.

Strategic initiative work groups are rarely data-driven, often lack structure, and can appear as a token exercise to check DEI boxes. Let's fix that.

Imagine communication with a data-driven workflow

Now strategic initiatives can work like think tanks, all inside a protected system with a community of support.


Supported by OrgVitals predictive data analysis.

Think tank workflow

Structured by sprints that run from problem discovery to solution proposal.

Protected & safe

Separate from corporate communication channels for a safe space.

The power of data and human connection combined

There's a movement where people are demanding more supportive conditions that lower work stress. That includes saying "no thanks" to unsupportive employers.

PACT stands for People and Capacity Together. As the first data-driven strategic initiative platform, PACT gives work group members the insights, the space, the connection, and the capacity to thrive.

Built by the leaders of predictive culture intelligence

PACT is powered by OrgVitals, the experts behind Preventive Care for the Workplace, based on years of Work Determinants of Health research. OrgVitals' pioneering data leads to workplaces with higher retention and lower stress.

Unleash employee-driven solutions.

the pact impact

Before and After Running on PACT

Before PACT

Most strategic initiatives will focus on workplace issues by either guessing or using a hunch; they will be either lucky or wrong. Worse is when they work from bad data.

Many work groups are given corporate systems for sensitive conversations; employees fear retribution and jump to truly unsafe systems to message "off site."

Too many work groups like ERGs become token event planners to pacify DEI initiatives; the lack of structure undermines the potential of employee-driven solutions.

When strategic initiatives lack data and structure, they can't produce credible proposals; the workforce then sees the group as ineffectual. 

After PACT

Powered by OrgVitals, PACT places teams on data sprint cycles, where PACT provides the root cause analysis so work groups spend their time considering actions.

PACT provides a dedicated coomunity space for communication that's secure and protected, but separate from corporate systems.

PACT makes groups efficient with a think tank workflow: it starts with goals, is fueled by data, tracks the problems, and results in solutions. 

Employee-led culture change is powerful when data is leveraged to build credibility across the workforce; PACT ensures group proposals are set up for success.

Strategic initiatives can transform for the entire workplace

when you form a PACT between people and data.

People And Capacity Together

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